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The most sensitive and effective support for those coping with hospice needs, grief, and personal loss, comes from professionals that have experienced those same circumstances. At Border Mountain, JoAnne Chitwood has created intuitive, loving programs that speak to the hearts of anyone dealing with loss. A respected author, film producer, counselor, seminar leader, and Registered Nurse, JoAnne has practiced in the Hospice field for over 20 years.

Border Mountain, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Idaho with a healing retreat (Camp David) being developed on the island of St. Croix in the USVI. Our sister website presents training programs, manuals, and books developed by Border Mountain and sold through Promise Publications, which is a for profit business. Our Catalog page has links to our sister website for information on specific products offered through Promise Publications. Some proceeds from Promise Publications are used to promote Camp David and other Border Mountain projects described on this website.

Completely refilmed and revised, The original My Gift: Myself training has been expanded to present Excellence in End Of Life Care to a much broader range of volunteers and professionals. With interviews and high definition footage shot in hospice settings around the world, the revised training meets US Medicare and all state requirements for training volunteers and other healthcare staff. Visit our sister website to view the features and order materials from this thorough and professional program. Discover why over a thousand hospice programs trust the My Gift: Myself training.

Bipolar Awareness Bike Trek Planned
Border Mountain is organizing a cross country bicycle ride from Anacortes, Washington to Washington, D.C. in memory of David Chitwood and all who have died from the effects of Bipolar illness. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment of bipolar disorder, and to support families who have been torn by this potentially heartbreaking disease. To learn more or help support this endeavor, please see our new page on Bipolar Awareness.

View The Bipolar Film Project Trailer!
Click Here to view Border Mountain's new film preview. Also check out our Film Project page which documents the background behind the feature film and allows you to donate towards helping fund the final film editing.

About Us:
Border Mountain
is a non-profit organization dedicated to emotional and spiritual growth and healing for individuals and families regardless of religious background, race, or creed. We provide opportunities for processing of grief issues, improving interpersonal communication skills, identifying and correcting dysfunctional family system programming and learning to live a more peaceful and serene life.
Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to process personal loss and grief.



Veteran's and African-American DVD's are in Production!

Border Mountain is producing two documentary style DVD's about significant hospice issues. Our VA DVD page explores how different approaching end-of-life can be for a veteran, and what steps hospice programs and caregivers can take to appropriately honor the last days of a veteran's life.
NOW AVAILABLE on our VA DVD page is a video preview of this DVD "Honored To The End": Veterans at End-of-Life. This film is in final production and expected to be released in 2018.

The African-American DVD pointedly addresses the significant distrust of the medical system by African-Americans. It is designed to increase their understanding of the benefits of hospice programs and to deliver effective strategies to hospice organizations for approaching and helping this underserved population. The DVD is partially narrated by recording artist James Dore' and features his new song "Crossing Over".

Your contributions to help fund special projects within Border Mountain are tax deductable.
You are welcome to use the PayPal donation link above or visit our specific project pages and use the donation buttons located in the side bars. After clicking on the donation button, simply type in the amount you wish to donate and update your shopping cart totals before filling out payment information. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a credit card donation payment to Bordermountain. After payment information please note in your comments which project you would like to support. We are currently accepting donations for our African-American DVD, Veteran's DVD, our Bipolar Awareness Cross Country Bike Trek, Bipolar Film Project and also for our Camp David building project.