Camp David Building Project:

It’s been a long road from N. Idaho to a tiny island in the Caribbean but here we are! Jason and Heidi actually paved the way in the summer of 2004 when they visited St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands on an anniversary trip. They both fell in love with the island and, through a series of events that could only be the leading of God, they moved to the island in April 2005. Three visits and many prayers later, JoAnne joined Jason, Heidi, Emily, Faith, and Jay on St. Croix and jointly purchased the five acres destined to become Camp David. Overlooking the ocean but nestled into the side of a lush mountain with a bird sanctuary as its rear border, the Camp David property provides peaceful privacy and rich island beauty.

Construction of the first building, Jason and Heidi’s home, is now completed. The second home, also three bedrooms with a two bedroom apartment under it, will be constructed as funds are available. All structures are being built with handicap accessibility. To begin offering programs at Camp David, we need five 20’ yurts. These cool cozy structures are perfect for the gentle breezes and warm weather on St. Croix. Each one will cost approximately $10,000 with all the adaptations needed for the tropics. (Tropical cupola to aid in air circulation, water catchments system, extra heavy fabric to withstand tropical sun, extra windows for air flow, etc.) We have a supplier in Indonesia that will provide us with rattan or bamboo furnishings for under $5000 for each yurt.

Camp David Needs:

5 Yurts
Furniture for the yurts
Fruit trees
Bedding and towels for the client quarters

You can help by:
Praying for us,
Donating funds,
Sponsoring clients,
Participating in our
Film Project through offering your filmmaking skills, acting expertise or financial support. Anyone donating at least $1000 to the film project will be listed in the feature film credits. (Proceeds of the film will go to develop Camp David programs.)

Use the "Donation" link below to connect with PayPal and make a tax deductable contribution to help the Camp David project. After clicking on the button, simply type in the amount you wish to donate and update your shopping cart totals before filling out payment information. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a credit card donation payment to Bordermountain, Inc.

We’d like to thank our beloved Border Mountain Board members by name. Each one has demonstrated commitment and dedication to seeing Border Mountain programs reach as many as possible as we develop our camp in the Virgin Islands.

~Ralph Wyman~
~Carol Williams~
~Lyla Swafford~
~Randal Rowland~
~Marcia Rowland~
~Carol Berger~
~Gail Dall~