Documentary/Feature Film Project

Many of you know the story of tragedy and healing that happened in JoAnne’s family around her brother’s mental illness, climaxing in the shooting incident in N. Idaho at the Border Mountain lodge and then with David Chitwood’s death in a small aircraft accident in 2004. JoAnne had always known that someday the story would be told beyond a small circle of friends and family that know of the many miracles of healing involved. She somehow always pictured telling it in book form. In early 2007, however, she received repeated nudges to learn about filmmaking. She purchased books on the subject and studied everything she could find about the process, assuming that she would use the knowledge to reshoot her hospice video training series. In early summer she spoke with Barbara Campbell, a friend of hers on the island, and shared the story of the shooting. Barbara’s eyes grew wide as JoAnne talked and she said, “JoAnne, this is to be a film and my brother will help you do it.” She jotted a number on a piece of paper and handed it to her. The number was Duane Lamar’s phone number, Barbara’s brother who works in television in Washington D.C. Duane agreed to do the project, first agreeing to do a film script and then, as they talked through the details, to being a partner in the entire project, developing and directing as well as writing the script. What emerged were: 1) A documentary made up of interviews with those involved in the story and friends who knew David in the early stages of his illness; featuring the miracles of the story and also addressing the deep need for change in how the penal system deals with those with mental illnesses who commit crimes. 2) A feature film dramatizing the story and designed to raise the awareness of mental health issues and the power of God’s healing work in family systems. Interviews for the documentary have been completed and the final stages of editing have begun (View on-line preview Here). Work on the feature film is completed as funds allow.

View Film Preview!

All interviews for the documentary film have been completed and the final stages of editing have begun (View an on-line preview of the documentary Here). Please consider helping to complete this project with your prayers and donations.

A second documentary film is in the planning stages and will cover the upcoming Cycle Across America event for Bipolar disease awareness. See our Bipolar Awareness page for more information on this amazing journey. Future proceeds from the Border Mountain film projects will benefit Camp David.

Jonathan playing a song he wrote and sang to his father just before the plane crash.

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